by Cosmopolites

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released August 16, 2013

Travis Fisher: Vocals, Keyboards, Bass
John Karwoski: Drums, Percussion
William Giaquinto: Trumpet
Julian Jenkins: Clarinet
Chase Wells: Didgeridoo



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Cosmopolites Seattle, Washington

Elemental Spacegroove.

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Track Name: Logos
Leavin' room for improvement
So it can only get better from here
Weavin' through the movement
'Cause we don't see the letters, they're unclear

When the symbols cease to represent the idea that they once did
And the nimble pieces fled your head
It's time to return to the center

Do our words betray us
in trying to capture the feeling that we describe?
Or do these verbs create us,
confining our maps to reveal only what we can define?


Can we observe the truth occur,
and then preserve that truth in words?
Or are the words absurd?
Track Name: Serpentime
I left my linear mind
only to circle back to find
To progress is to rewind
Push ahead to fall behind

If in a most important sequence are events arranged,
do we always lose the meaning when the order is changed?

(Are we simply a consequence?
Simply a consequence of these circumstances?)

Through space of every kind
slithers the silent Serpentime
to which all events must bind
A contract God hesitated to sign
Track Name: The Source of Knowledge
Look out, all in panic
We lost the way
I promise to be there, to care

How long do your rivers flow?
How narrow can your channels grow?
From where comes the discipline
to take only what's been given?

I heard chirpin' soarin' in melody
I wanna slow the temporal flow, but I know it's gotta go

How high can the man-child float
before his supplies cut short?
I fly to the lunar sea
and look back straight down to me

What is the source of knowledge?