A Limit in the Boundary

by the Cosmopolites

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Return to guitar.

Most songs composed on keyboard, then translated to two guitars and bass.

Skeletal winter music.
Warm colored lights in a cold room, with and for new love.


released March 2, 2013

Guitar, Bass, Keys, Vocals - Travis
Drums - John



all rights reserved


Cosmopolites Seattle, Washington

Elemental Spacegroove.

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Track Name: Mint of Jagged Flavor
Cool the smoke with frozen orange rigid roots
when the mind is imposing its maps upon you
A mint of jagged flavor
Blood on the table

I found a limit in the boundary
when all derivatives were surrounding me
and melting through time

The thought of breath ascended my spine and throat
and begged me to send it into the sky as some melodious notes
I drink the smoke of a mint of jagged flavor
(in psychedelic waters I float)
but I'll come right back when I'm able
to see where this pretense is starting
and feel my every sense taking part in
the creation of time
Track Name: Sensual Waves
See the waves of fire flash
through illumined pathways past

Your beauty astounds,
collects and compounds
the light all around
to open my eyes up to the world

Hear the waves of silence sweep
through the haunted neural streets

Your beauty resounds,
expands and surrounds
in tangible sounds
that open my ears up to the world

Takin' time to
make the mind do
what the body wants it to
I've been followin' your curves in the dark
My hands can see your shape

Ah! the pressure!
as I press ya
into our visceral truth

Feel the waves of melodious flow
crashing upon the textures below

Your beauty contains,
explains and sustains
these rhythmic refrains
that open my body to the world
Track Name: En(amorment)ergy
Can I preserve this feeling before it turns into something else?
Because my neurons are changing and growing and rearranging and I don't want to lose this part of myself

So if I weave some rhymes through this harmonic design maybe we can be preserved inside.

It isn't exactly because I think it's funny that I can't keep my laughter away, it's just that I didn't know that whatever we are could move and think and feel in such a way.

And though I find it bemusing and awfully confusing in you I glimpse the answer to why.
Track Name: Soleil
What a bright and pretty thing you've come to be
of the greatest warmth and luminosity
swimming in a sea of relativity

Don't you fret, there's no you separate. All is one.

Let me soak that heat up, I heard you give it out for free.
I feel so cold and sleepy, I could use some energy.
There's no discrepancy between what I want and what I need.
Show me something fascinating, shed some light on it for me.
Those flares are unpredictable and it appears that they're headed straight this way(!!)

How could you think I'd do a thing like that to you?
I know you've got your reasons, but you ought to think them through.
I'm in no mood to disagree with you.

Though I'll be long gone by then, think of me when you explode.
Track Name: f(i+u)
Cushion it with your vision, hold it firm in your gaze, watch it form into a sentence in the language of shape and the meaning will reveal itself so slowly.

Listen to that rhythm pulsing! Feels like we've landed on solid ground. Carry me along in accented divisions of time, revealing the mathematics all around and always here, keeping us together, like love and gravity. Drawing us near, irresistibly.

(cf Whitman)

How far does your axis extend?
Does it just begin where it ends?
In the attempt to find a pattern in all of our interactions with each other, no amount of plotted points reveal the only point there is to discover: no function can define the relation between two minds.

I followed your axis through all landscapes, both of and beyond this realm. And when I arrived at what I thought what I thought was its end, I found instead the beginning of everything, in gorgeous lucid light, in all the spectrum glowing, imbuing matter with life, in all directions flowing, without space or time.

Without space or time...